Presents the Most Exquisite Drum Shows all over the World
          Brief Introduction of China Shanghai Jiangzhou Drum CompanyChina ShanghaiNational Jiangzhou Drum Company de China
          As the only orthodox folk and largest scale company in Shanghai,with profound cultural backfround and sense of socialresponsibility, National Jiangzhou Drum Company China wasestablished to show thepure and original and unvarnished artto all the world
          National Jiangzhou Drum Company de China was established to seek for a better development of the Chinese traditional art.All the actors come from the remote mountaino us areas in Shanxi Province where the earliest drum art has been succeeded for thousands of years.They were born for the drum music and burn their lives for the art.Their talented performances make everyaudience excited,unforgettable and memorable.
          The Company was set up to create art works gearing to the modern times. to carry the treasure national art forward.At the sametime it's getting support from Shanghai gover nment,the prupose of which is to seek a new development mode to adapt to the promotion of thinese other folk arts.Women's Fashion Percussion,Water Drum,BlueRay Drum and soon,are our first and originalpieces.We are so proud that we are leading new trend of drum music!
          Looking forward the Drum to promoting the renaissance of Chinese traditional arts,with you.This is our mission and we will do our utmost to struggle for the traditional drum art,forever.

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