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          The Introduction of the new Dram-drama of China Shanghai Jiangzhou Drum Company(China Shanghai National Jiangzhou Drum Company de China)National Jiangzhou Drum Company de China will produce The World First Grand Original Unvarnished Drum Drama Farewell, my Concubine, it will complete composing music and will unify all kinds of stage methods, including costuming, stage art, prop, dramatic plot, and so on, same time it will utilize the high tech the stage art technology, finally it will is a world groundbreaking drum drama. Now, National Jiangzhou Drum Company de China have finished the drum drama called World First Grand Culture Epic Drum's Five Thousand Years of up and down. The DRUM have finished 80 performances for Yilan International Rain Festival and will be scheduled to begin a series of 50 performances all of the world.
          The below is the Brief Introduction of World First Grand Culture Epic Drum's Five Thousand Years of up and down. Memory----From the origin of the human drum begins Comprehensiveness----Classical drum piece of ancient, modern, contemporary Ambition----Developing and innovating Traditional Arts Prelude, Epoch-making Act 1, Legend of Three Kingdom era Act 2, the Tang Dynasty's Prosperity Act 3, Immigration at Da Huaishu Act 4, Story about Jin Merchant Epilogue, Fashion Water Drum Show
Creative Team
Executive Producer: Jun FANG
Executive Supervisor: Jianhua ZHANG
Producers:Jianqiang WANG, Junmin QUAN
Supervisor:Wenyi ZHU
General Consultant: Wenxue YAN
World Tour: Jia QUAN
Performance Managers: Zhigang DAI, Lei SHANG
Domestic Market: Minglei ZHANG
Stage Manager: Yongquan GUO
          Choreographer-Director: Wu YANG Rehearsal Instructor: Junliang HAN Backstage Manager: Lijun HAO Cast:(M) Xiaocong SHI, Pengfei QUAN, Chunlei QUAN, Xiaolei SHANG, Jichao LIU, Yunpeng SU, Yunhui WEI, Jianfei FAN, Lingfe ZHANG, Jingpeng ZHAO, Xiong YE. (F)Hongjuan LIU, Naer QUAN, Yangyang QUAN, Xiaohong MA, Ruijuan LIU, Kangle QUAN, Chunhua YANG, Yinhong ZHU, Xiafei ZHANG, Wenjuan ZHANG, Yan ZHANG.

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