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          5000 years ago ---- the emperor occasional magical beast, "Po", whichever is the skin for a drum for the hammer bone, Shengwen Barry, purple V Chi. The drum is the earliest human phonology. 800 years ago ---- Tangtian Zi Li Shimin Edict Jiangzhou drum creation, "the King of Qin soldiers breaking point", invincible, invincible. Since then, Jiangzhou Drum "in the world drum 'reputation all the earth. 10 years ago, Jiangzhou Drum for the first time publicly by the media hard act, like dust Millennium Longquan sword scabbard, Guanghua lofty, ground-breaking. Six months ago, for the sake of greater development, Shanghai East Jiangzhou Drum Band was established in Shanghai. Jiangzhou, was China's Shaanxi Province Xinjiang (the State Council named the "historical and cultural city") and formerly, in order to drum known, dating back two thousand five hundred years ago in the Spring and Autumn period and the state with the (formerly Taiyuan), Linfen par , collectively known as "Jin Tri-Cities." Tang dynasty, the Qin Li Shimin (later ascended the throne as Emperor Taizong) stationed themselves Jiangzhou, crusade Liu Wuzhou, Qin Wangxiong only courage, Jiangzhou drum teacher for "Qin Destroys Music" (later the famous dance is the "king of the Troops") high-spirited morale, and the drum on the battlefield as strike operations orders, he led the military conquests wash Amoy invincible, invincible, history of war has created the myth. Banging away on drums, "King of Qin Troops" has become a modern enterprise early in the fighting unity of the competitive environment, a symbol of radical fighting, but much television, advertising, celebration, party favor.

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