Presents the Most Exquisite Drum Shows all over the World
          Six months, Shanghai Jiangzhou Drum Band played the red half of China and Southeast Asia, China has been involved in the drum sound on the professor-cum-known works of Lee Man-hung concerts, the world's finance ministers meeting in Shanghai, the Seventh China Shanghai International Arts Festival artistic exchange , Shanghai Volkswagen 20th Anniversary, anniversary Coca-Cola Company, China Shanghai International Arts Festival and Shanghai Baosteel Yuepu percussion festival, the 27th China Harbin Summer concert, 10 anniversary of the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Bank annual meeting in Korean folk drumming exchange between the two countries, Daphne annual awards ceremony, Mary Kay foundation laying ceremony of the Asia-Pacific production, the completion of large-scale celebration of Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Ford celebration, celebrate ten years Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bank, Shanghai Literary Federation activities, large-scale celebration of the tenth anniversary of Bank of Shanghai, South Korea's Samsung Electronics anniversary, South Korea's Samsung Electronics anniversary, Zhangjiagang City, five went to large-scale theatrical performances, art exchange event in Yangzhou, Shanghai Fengxian District Arts Festival, celebrate the tenth anniversary of the China Europe International School, Shanghai on the national dragon boat launch, Renault Trucks Adventure Silk Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, People's Liberation Army 78th anniversary celebration of the military and political forum, Shanghai Vanke Holiday Plaza landscape movement-cum-concert on the closing ceremony of Shanghai to celebrate the 140th anniversary of gas , held at the Shanghai Grand Theatre 10 eBay anniversary celebration of the 55th anniversary of Shanghai aircraft Manufacturing Factory in Shanghai Oriental Art Center at the Plum Garden performances, Kunshan Beer Festival closing ceremony, opening ceremony of Shanghai Dragon Boat Festival, the Chinese love of large wind democracy concert, dinner to thank China Merchants Bank, Shanghai old artist tea party, the Shanghai Pudong cum New Year Party in recognition of the tax year, Geberit annual Meeting, Shanghai Film Group's annual celebration at the Continental ......

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