Presents the Most Exquisite Drum Shows all over the World
Dear Sir or Madam:
          Welcome to the site of Shanghai Oriental Jiangzhou Drum Theatre,one of the three most famous percussion ensembles in the world.As the first orthodox folk art group in China,the Theatre registered in Shanghai to seek for better Development and take bigger responsibility and mission of promoting Chinese national music on itself.shanghai Oriental Jiangzhou Drum Theatre is united in its commitment to offering excellence Chinese drum music and all kinds of drum instruments.With a contemporary seldom momentum and a professional spirit,we aim to strive for the peak in natiional music and attain the status of s world-class percussion theatre thatis the pride of Chinese people We sincerely hope that our effort can add a wonderful and powerful imagination of traditional folk music to your life,and we have the honor to cooperate with you.

Thank you very much
Yours,James Quan
(Director of Shanghai Oriental Jiangzhou Drum Theatre)

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